Buying used equipment can be a daunting task. Many business owners chose to rent rather than buy and that can be costly. There are many places to find used equipment and you need to consider if you want to buy from a Dealer or Private Seller.  Here is 5 other factors you should consider: your current financial situation, the cost of owning versus renting, the length of a project or job frequency, equipment availability, and maintenance costs with owning. 

At Axe Business Funding we can assist you in navigating these issues. We can work with Dealers, Private Sellers and Auction Houses to get the equipment you need. You can talk with one of our Finance Specialists to get more info or call us at 888-542-7221 

Here are the top 5

1. Machinery Trader


Machinery Trader is a great resource for anyone looking to buy heavy construction equipment without spending too much in the process. Machinery Trader also offers parts, components, and attachments. They offer equipment from both Dealers and Private listings with locations all over the US. You can search for specific equipment and narrow down the search buy city, state or zip code. It can be a little overwhelming since they have so many listings.

2. IronPlanet


IronPlanet is a lot like Machinery Trader where you can find a lot of new and used equipment from Dealers, Private Sellers and they even have live auctions. IronPlanet inspects the equipment and lists it on their site. IronPlanet does all of the marketing and eventually the equipment gets sold. IronPlanet claims that most items are sold as quickly as four to six weeks. IronPlanet is easy to use, has a great layout and search options, and has lots of reviews that show quality customer service.

3. Ritchie Bros Auctioneers


Ritchie Bros Auctioneers is far and away the largest nationwide heavy equipment auction house. They have daily auctions held around the US and even offer online bidding and auctions. They sell a wide array of heavy equipment types. Use their search function to first narrow down by location. Their auction calendar can be filtered into two categories: Industrial Auctions and Agricultural Auctions. From there, potential buyers can be further narrowed by region, industry, equipment type, year, make, model, auction location and much more. These features make it easy to find a specific items in your area.

4. Craigslist

clist has been around for quite some time and sells just about everything. The Heavy Equipment section offers all types of equipment, depending on your city. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try a search in your closest major city because they are everywhere. Most of the listings there are from Private Sellers but quite a few dealers post equipment there as well. This might be the best place to find a good deal on some equipment, even if you need to travel to take a look at it. 

5. Ebay


Ebay offers a surprisingly good selection of heavy construction equipment options. It’s quick to search for exact equipment options that fit your construction company’s needs. Their heavy equipment section has fewer bidding options and far more “Buy It Now” sales. Your still able to contact sellers and request more information before buying. This way you can ensure it’s the right piece of equipment for you. 


Your Heavy Equipment Finance Specialists

Axe Business Funding offers a lot of different equipment finance programs to fit the needs of your business. So weather you use one of these websites or find the equipment elsewhere, we can help you finance it! We can work with dealers, private sellers and auction houses to get you this equipment. Our Application Only programs go up to 150K and we work with the full spectrum of credit scores. 

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